Get Involved

There are a number of opportunities to get involved with Cru at Ball State University!

Community Groups

Community Groups are a place for those that want to learn about the Bible within a small group community. They are held weekly all across campus. Whether you are a Christian or are just looking into questions you may have about the Bible, find a Community Group close to you and come join us!

Click here to find a community group!

Monthly Meetings

What will you find at one of our monthly meetings? Hopefully soon returning to weekly (and in person!), we provide (currently virtually) a place to meet people, have fun, and learn about Jesus. There is typically some music, students sharing about their lives, a talk about Jesus and how He is relevant to us, and lots of fun.

Visit our monthly meeting page to find out more info! It’s a safe place if you’re just checking out Jesus, or if you’ve been a Christian for a while, come learn about Jesus and connect with others.

Leadership Within Cru

Would you like to apply to be a leader within our Cru movement?

Check out the possibilites for leadership here.